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HDMI 2.1: Channeling the GenX Audio Video Experience

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), an audio video interface, has been around for quite some time connecting our TVs, computers, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc., to deliver top-quality audio video experience. The arrival of HDMI 2.1 was announced with the promise to deliver faster frame rates, better resolution, greater bandwidth, and a […]

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Jumping the Barrier of Verifying AMBA ACE Barrier Transactions

The ordering of memory transactions in AMBA protocol is a significant requirement, i.e. the sequence of memory updates/accesses must follow a defined ordering as per the specification. Ordering is important for synchronization events by a processor with respect to retiring load/store instructions. AMBA ACE barrier transactions are used for maintaining the memory ordering across a […]

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Keeping Up-to-Date on Verification IP

    Synopsys next generation Verification IP (VIP) provides verification engineers access to the industry’s latest protocols, interfaces and memories required to verify their SoC designs. Synopsys VIP has a proven record of 20+ years of successful VIP deployments. Continuing our endeavor to keep engineers up-to-date with latest happenings in Verification IP and Test Suites, […]

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MIPI I3C: A unified sensor interface

Sensors are everywhere surrounding us at home, office, cars, industry and everything else we are using today. It all started with the thermostat and first motion sensor used for an alarm system invented somewhere in 1950s. Over the period of time, rapid increase of sensors used across various applications created significant challenges, there was a need […]

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SAS: A Key Fabric in Storage World

In our previous blog on SAS, we discussed about SAS 24G new encoding and features. In the series of SAS blogs, here we shed some light on other generations of SAS that are still hot in the market. SAS was announced in 2004, supporting data rates till 3Gbps for SAS drives and was compatible with […]

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eMMC: An Optimal Flash Memory

The two fundamental requirements of every mobile device is speed and power, with the biggest challenge being that both are inversely proportional to each other. One simply cannot have both, because with higher speed comes higher power consumption. With the ever increasing demand for higher resolution graphics and media to enrich the user experience, there […]

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DDR-PHY Interoperability Using DFI

The DDR PHY Interface (DFI) is used in several consumer electronics devices including smart phones. DFI is an interface protocol that defines signals, timing, and programmable parameters required to transfer control information and data to and from the DRAM devices, and between MC (Micro Controller) and PHY. DFI is applicable to all DRAM protocols including […]

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AMBA AXI Exclusive Access De-mystified

AMBA AXI exclusive access may look simple at first glance, but as we delve deeper into it, we find the different flavors of exclusive access. The possibility of these different scenarios and combinations poses a tough challenge in verifying the critical feature in AMBA-based designs. This blog primarily focusses on exclusive access in AMBA AXI3, […]

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PCIe Gen4 Test Suite with Spec Linking Demo

During the recent PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2016, held in Santa Clara, CA, there was a lot of interest from attendees regarding Synopsys PCIe Gen4 VIP and source code test suite.  One common question that was asked: How do we identify and maintain up to date tests that support the latest PCIe Gen4 specification? Demonstration: The […]

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Energy Efficient Designs with MIPI

Getting the best out of available battery technologies continues to be a challenge for mobile design companies. When phones were used for voice only, the battery lasted a few days compared to less than a day in case of smartphones with high resolution screens, cameras, powerful processors, gigabytes of memories and running power hungry software. […]

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