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High Capacity and High Performance Flash Memory

High speed memory interface is a critical component to support high speed data in applications like personal computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras.  These applications require a high capacity and high performance NAND flash memory, and Toggle2NAND is one of the most suitable NAND interfaces. Toggle2NAND makes use of Double Data Rate (DDR) without a […]

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High Speed Memory in Smart Phones: MIPI UniPro v1.8 for JEDEC UFS v3.0

Flash storage is one of the most important component of a smart phone, and with every new version comes higher memory capacity and performance. The most rapidly adopted flash memory technology in recent years is Universal Flash Storage (UFS), with UFS v2.1 providing a maximum data rate of ~11Gbps. JEDEC has come up with the […]

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Higher Mobile Storage Performance at Lower System Cost

Higher storage performance at a lower cost can create a bottleneck in the design of storage devices.  In order to achieve higher performance, devices must use on chip DRAM, which adds to the overall cost. This is where Unified Memory Extension (UME), a JEDEC specification, comes into the picture. It is defined as extension to […]

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Next Generation Memory technologies: Ready to take the verification challenges?

Advancement in Memory technologies and the demand for faster and higher density configuration leaves verification engineers in a limbo. The Memory world is debating the next wave of memory protocols and technologies such as Next Generation DDR, HBM, and NVDIMM: DDR: Wishfully the next generation DDR specifications will bring many benefits to computers. With faster and […]

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Racing Ahead with ONFI 1 to 4: 50 to 800MBps

Flash memory first came into home with external storage devices (e.g. USB memory devices) at very modest capacities of few MB and have reached to hundreds of GB. Now it has become ubiquitous with applications across myriad of devices ranging from smart phones, to IoT, wearable and consumer electronics. With the explosion in applications, many […]

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Verification Highlights from DAC 2016

The Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2016 was a great success and here we provide you the highlights of Synopsys’ activities at the event. Synopsys hosted the annual “SoC Leaders Verify with Synopsys” Verification luncheon.  The luncheon featured industry experts and executives from Cavium, NXP, Qualcomm and Samsung, and drove our main messages of collaboration, with […]

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Celebrating the Holiday Season with VIPs

The Holiday Season is upon us. As you stand in lines, wait for packages to arrive, keep in mind that Synopsys continues to provide you the highest level of service: support, available protocols and deployment of new titles that you, our current and future VIP customer, deserve. It has been a wonderful year — many […]

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Increase Productivity with Synopsys Memory VIP

In this video, you will learn how to increase productivity with Synopsys Memory VIP. You can learn more about our VIPs at Verification IP Overview. If you are interested in a hands-on workshop in your area, check out our Memory Verification IP Workshops.

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Hands-on Memory Verification IP Workshops

Synopsys Memory Verification IP is modeled natively in SystemVerilog and supports the common verification standard UVM. Our models support 100% of the memory standard as specified by JEDEC. Now you can take a deep dive into our VIP solutions at no cost with a hands-on workshop. The workshop will highlight and demonstrate how you can […]

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Configuring Memory VIPs

Here, Synopsys Applications Consultant, Vaish Ramachandran, describes how best we can use Synopsys’ VIP Configuration Creator for configuring memory VIPs You can find more information on Synopsys Memory VIP at

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