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MIPI I3C: A unified sensor interface

Sensors are everywhere surrounding us at home, office, cars, industry and everything else we are using today. It all started with the thermostat and first motion sensor used for an alarm system invented somewhere in 1950s. Over the period of time, rapid increase of sensors used across various applications created significant challenges, there was a need […]

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MIPI DevCon 2016: SoundWire VIP

MIPI DevCon 2016 was successfully held at Mountain View, California on 14-15th Sep, 2016. Synopsys MIPI protocol experts were there demonstrating our MIPI design and verification solutions for wide spectrum of markets ranging from IoT, to mobile, automotive, and consumer. During the conference Synopsys had several presentations.  One of the papers presented by Synopsys was […]

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Celebrating the Holiday Season with VIPs

The Holiday Season is upon us. As you stand in lines, wait for packages to arrive, keep in mind that Synopsys continues to provide you the highest level of service: support, available protocols and deployment of new titles that you, our current and future VIP customer, deserve. It has been a wonderful year — many […]

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MIPI I3C VIP Accelerates Scalable Sensor Interfaces on Mobile Devices

As sensors continue to get smaller, more powerful and cheaper, smartphones and other mobile devices incorporate over ten sensors to create self-aware devices. For instance, most recent models of Apple and Samsung handheld devices use several sensors to perform some of their coolest interface tricks: proximity sensor, accelerometer (motion sensor), ambient light sensor, moisture sensor, […]

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