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Hands-on Verification Tutorials Hosted on AWS Environment

Verification consumes most of the compute resources in a typical data center for a semiconductor design company. Simulation comprises one of the largest, if not the largest, workloads in this mix. To maximize the likelihood of first silicon success, development teams often increase the volume of simulation jobs they run in preparation for tape-out. However, this effort is often limited by the compute resources that customers can bring to bear on the task.

Even with these limitations, the prospect of scaling horizontally, distributing the individual simulation jobs across more systems, is extremely attractive. Not only can it provide better coverage by running more workloads, scaling simulation horizontally can also allow customers to reduce the time expended in simulation. Scaling horizontally gives customers the option to decide if they want to spend the money to achieve better coverage in a shorter amount of time where previously that option was not even feasible due to hardware acquisition limitations. By scaling simulation to the cloud, customers can overcome the hardware limitations in their data centers and quickly scale their simulation across a near infinite amount of compute.

The primary barrier for semiconductor customers to leverage this advantage is the relative lack of experience many have with the cloud. To provide a more frictionless path to chip development in the cloud, AWS introduced the Scale-Out Computing on AWS solution (SOCA). This solution provides customers with a prescriptive path to deploy a predefined environment that is suitable to run EDA and other scientific compute workloads on AWS.

Synopsys and AWS collaborated to deploy joint solutions on this environment and at DVCon 2021, our two companies partnered to host a joint session detailing how customers can easily deploy Synopsys Verification Continuum on the SOCA solution.

As a follow-up to the DVCon sessions, we are jointly hosting a series of online tutorials on running Synopsys Verification Continuum on AWS. The online workshop will allow customers to have hands-on keyboard experience to setup and run simulations on the AWS cloud. Customers will be able to set up SOCA themselves in a provided AWS account and run a sample simulation workload at scale in AWS cloud environment.

The schedule for these tutorials is:


Space is limited for these workshops and we will do our best to accommodate interested customers. Please sign up here