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Synopsys Verification Continuum ® on AWS – Join Us at DVCon US 2021

Verifications account for almost 70% of the time and resources consumed during chip development. Moving some or even all of logic simulation to cloud allows customers to free up valuable on-premises resources for other workloads. The deployment of Synopsys’ functional verification solutions on the AWS cloud platform enables accelerated development and verification of breakthrough connectivity technology and SoCs. AWS cloud enables users to take advantage of elastic infrastructure resources to address the increasing capacity requirements for semiconductor simulations.

Running Synopsys’ VCS FGP technology on cloud, which is optimized to take advantage of multi-core and many-core CPU platforms, provides AWS higher simulation throughput. VCS’ native integration with Synopsys Verification IP and Verdi® advanced debug solutions enables design teams to achieve higher productivity for accelerated verification closure with superior hardware price/performance.

Raising the Verification Bar: Cloud-Based Simulation Increases Verification Efficiency

Synopsys and AWS will be hosting a joint tutorial at DVCon 2021 on Thursday March 4th 9:00AM – 11:00AM PST “Raising the Verification Bar: Cloud-Based Simulation Increases Verification Efficiency”.

We’ll be walking through an example of how to set up the cloud environment and what steps are needed to run VCS on AWS. Register now for this workshop.

The tutorial will cover some challenges and demonstrate how to deploy Synopsys Verification Continuum ® on AWS using the Scale-Out Computing on AWS solution. Please check out the AWS’ blog for this event.