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Faster closure, simulation acceleration to emulation

It’s a longstanding cliché, but it is true that verification is a marathon. An integrated verification platform accompanied by a systematic verification methodology are the building blocks to manage the verification complexity of modern system-on-chip (SoC) designs. High performance simulation environment is the foundation however it is not enough to reach to the verification closure that requires regressing hardware in conjunction to real application scenarios and software.

Simulation enables the tedious verification effort with extensive testbench content, full debug visibility, fine grain control and in depth coverage metrics with, Emulation platform offering the necessary execution speed for exercising the SoC designs with multiple layers of software for approximation of real world functionality.

An integrated flow, multi-platform verification components and biding methodology is required to maximize the benefit of the available verification technologies in order to meet the demanding quality and time to market requirements of the project.

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Web event: Faster Verification Closure from IP to SoC Using the Verification Continuum Platform