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Detect & Avoid Memory Bottlenecks with Memory VIP

The growing disparity between processor and memory speeds has caused memory bandwidth to become the performance bottleneck for many applications. For example, have you spent sleepless nights looking for ways to identify the performance bottlenecks and root cause them in your Memory Controller/PHY and Subsystem verification project?

If so, Memory VIP performance analysis tools will save you time and energy. It will help you to identify areas like traffic profile, low bandwidth issues, low data transfer rates etc. which you have been struggling with in your design.

Let’s walk through some of the bottlenecks you may have encountered and the solutions available today:

Synopsys’ Memory VIP Performance Analysis solution offers the following features to help reduce bottlenecks in your project:

  • Built-in protocol-centric performance metrics enabling the user to quickly identify bottlenecks and debug the set of transactions causing the bottlenecks
  • Graphical view of metrics, min/max value constraint settings on the performance metrics to filter out the bottlenecks, along with reference to protocol defined min/max values wherever applicable
  • Lock-step linking with protocol analyzer to trace the transactions associated with performance constraint violations. For protocol analyzer details refer the blog: How to Reduce Memory Model Debug Time
  • Flexibility to add additional performance metrics on top of built-in performance metrics
  • Runtime APIs to extract the performance metric values, change constraints, trigger violation from the Test Bench Code

Synopsys Memory VIP supports the latest ratified and draft specifications from standards organizations such as JEDEC (DDR5, LPDDR5, DFI 5.0, HBM3, GDDR6, and NVDIMM-P/N), ONFi, SD, and SPI and native integrations and optimizations with VCS and Verdi.

The unique, flexible architecture of Synopsys Memory VIP makes it possible to be easily plugged in to any Verilog/SV/UVM/VMM based test bench setup. For more information visit,

Synopsys supports over 90+ Industry Leading Verification IP and source code Test Suites for protocols such as Arm® AMBA®DRAM Memory (DDR5LPDDR5), Flash MemoryEthernet (400G), MIPIPCIe (5.0), SASSATAUSB (4.0/3.x, Type-C). For a complete list of Verification IP and Test Suites, visit

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