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A Joint Webinar by Synopsys and NVM Express™ Organization – Virtualization and NVMe

With the rise of cloud computing and large scale data centers, both developers and consumers are demanding for more efficient ways to rapidly access their data. Seeing the advantage of its high performance, the storage industry is quickly adopting the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) standard. The NVMe™ standard continues to push the storage envelope with version 1.3 and beyond in all types of computing environments from mobile to data center. One of the key features of the NVMe™ standard is its ability to handle virtualization.

Synopsys is hosting a new webinar – Virtualization and NVMe: Advantages and Implementation. This webinar is a joint presentation by J Michel Metz of the NVM Express™ organization and Paul Graykowski, Applications Engineering Manager for PCIe and NVMe VIP at Synopsys. Paul and J will cover virtualization as it applies to PCIe and NVMe and discuss hardware virtualization using SR-IOV as well as the advances in software virtualization coming in the NVMe ™ specification.

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