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Jumping the Barrier of Verifying AMBA ACE Barrier Transactions

The ordering of memory transactions in AMBA protocol is a significant requirement, i.e. the sequence of memory updates/accesses must follow a defined ordering as per the specification. Ordering is important for synchronization events by a processor with respect to retiring load/store instructions. AMBA ACE barrier transactions are used for maintaining the memory ordering across a […]

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Keeping Up-to-Date on Verification IP

    Synopsys next generation Verification IP (VIP) provides verification engineers access to the industry’s latest protocols, interfaces and memories required to verify their SoC designs. Synopsys VIP has a proven record of 20+ years of successful VIP deployments. Continuing our endeavor to keep engineers up-to-date with latest happenings in Verification IP and Test Suites, […]

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