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MIPI DevCon 2016: SoundWire VIP

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Synopsys presentation at MIPI DevCon 2016

MIPI DevCon 2016 was successfully held at Mountain View, California on 14-15th Sep, 2016. Synopsys MIPI protocol experts were there demonstrating our MIPI design and verification solutions for wide spectrum of markets ranging from IoT, to mobile, automotive, and consumer. During the conference Synopsys had several presentations.  One of the papers presented by Synopsys was based on a customer case study that provide an overview and successful adoption of the MIPI SoundWire VIP and Test Suites to achieve comprehensive verification and coverage closure on their latest MIPI design.

MIPI SoundWire is very generic and can support any type of audio transport. A greater part of the protocol relies on a strong software support demanding a strongly written vMIPI DevCon Jitendra Kushwaha.JPGerification environment which must meet the scalability and configurability. The paper elaborates how customer used Synopsys SoundWire VIP and Test Suite to cover the various possibilities created due to the scalable and dynamic nature of the MIPI SoundWire specification, in addition to covering other areas such as quick integration to RTL design, topologies supported and the easy debug options used. The paper substantiates all the information with examples, figures and statistics obtained during verification over a period of approximately five months.

Download the Presentation: (September 14 – Track 2 by Jitendra Kushwaha)
Comprehensive Verification of MIPI SoundWire℠ Master-Slave Subsystem Using Configurable UVM-Based Test Suites

Synopsys has a comprehensive verification solution for MIPI covering the latest specifications. Synopsys VIP are implemented in 100% native MIPI portfolioSystem Verilog and UVM to enable ease-of-use, ease-of integration and high performance. In addition, we provide test suites that are complete, self-contained and design-proven test benches written in System Verilog and UVM and targeted for comprehensive protocol testing and coverage. Test Suites are provided as source code enabling users to easily customize or extend the environments to include unique application-specific tests or corner-case scenarios. Using Synopsys VIPs and Test Suites, customers have successfully reduced verification time from months to a few hours in some cases.

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Authored by Ankur Jain

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