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Industry’s First SAS 24G Verification IP for Enterprise Storage Systems

How fast do we want to access our data? There is a never ending demand for faster and better storage technologies and SAS-4 24G is the latest addition to this. SAS (Serial-attached SCSI) offers an ideal solution for applications with substantial storage, backup and archiving demands. SAS is widely considered to be the prevalent interface for direct-attached storage and is used to support hard drive controllers in enterprise-grade server farms. SAS-4 has doubled the rate with 22.5G signaling and a more efficient 128b/150b encoding scheme to realize a usable data rate of 24G while retaining compatibility with 6G and 12 G.

Synopsys recently announced the availability of the industry’s first verification IP (VIP) to support the Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) 24G standard, making it the first VIP product line to support all SAS interface speed configurations. With increasing demands for the storage, backup and transmission of data, enterprise storage systems are challenged to rapidly transmit data across devices. Synopsys VC VIP for SAS delivers a comprehensive VIP solution for all SAS designs including the newly introduced 24G standard, enabling system-on-chip (SoC) teams to accelerate verification closure.

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Authored by Ankur Jain