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What’s Next in Storage – NVMe VIP?

Have you ever thought on the amount of data the world is producing every day? It runs in quintillions of bytes, and as we are writing this we have added to this ever growing rate of data production. With such an enormous rise in data production, cloud computing and large scale data center developers and consumers are demanding for more efficient ways to rapidly access their data.

NVMe is the next big thing in storage to handle the growing big data.  NVMe is rapidly evolving as a high performance storage standard targeted to reduce latency and support parallelism. In-order to educate the design and verification community, Synopsys presented an NVMe webinar. The webinar provides an overview of the NVMe standard and its use as a storage solution. In addition, it highlights how Synopsys’ VIP for NVMe enables designers to keep pace with the ever-evolving storage landscape. You can access the webinar here.

Synopsys NVMe VIP Webinar
Synopsys NVMe VIP Webinar

We have complimented the webinar with a series of posts on NVMe VIP.  Our VIP experts have provided insight on Synopsys NVMe VIP starting from a high level view, describing verification features and host protocol layers, and continuing with a test case walkthrough.