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A Big Ethernet World: 10M to 400G

We are living in a connected world and there are over a billion Ethernet devices around the world today. It is very interesting how Ethernet has evolved from a simple standard supporting 10 Mbps to multitude of speed modes and ubiquitous applications. From being a standard that traditionally evolved with 10x speed jumps (10M, 100M, […]

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Simplifying Debug of Memory Models

Synopsys VC VIP provides Verdi Protocol Analyzer, a protocol and memory aware debug environment . In my previous blog Debugging Memory Protocols with the Verdi Protocol Analyzer, I discussed the value add for using the Verdi Protocol Analyzer to debug memory protocols easily and efficiently. Also, I described how easy it is to look at a specific command […]

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What’s Next in Storage – NVMe VIP?

Have you ever thought on the amount of data the world is producing every day? It runs in quintillions of bytes, and as we are writing this we have added to this ever growing rate of data production. With such an enormous rise in data production, cloud computing and large scale data center developers and […]

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