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Keeping Pace with Memory Technology using Advanced Verification

My latest webinar, Keeping Pace with Memory Technology using Advanced Verification, begins by taking the audience back in time. To a time when memories had low density, slow performance, and required expensive silicon real estate. Then I fast forward back to the future when memory technologies have evolved to support huge densities, blazing fast speeds while keeping power consumption low, and all this within very small geometry.


I give an overview of various memory technologies, and the market segments they support. To keep pace with this memory technology evolution, design and verification tools, and methodologies to create and productize these technologies, have also evolved.

This memory evolution has created a whole new set of challenges for verification engineers. To be successful, verification must evolve to be thorough, efficient, and effective earlier in the design cycle. Also, it must rely on native support for SystemVerilog utilizing state of the art verification techniques for Testbench creation and customization, and Debug and Coverage closure.


A faster, proven and state-of-the-art front-end Memory verification infrastructure is required to tackle the complexities presented by the latest Memory innovations. Leveraging industry standard Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), enabling advanced protocol level debugging, and accelerated verification closure with built-in coverage and plans, verification engineers can confidently validate memory technology in a short period of time.

In my webinar, I review the evolution of memory technology leading to the latest developments in DDR, LPDDR, eMMC, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC). I highlight key concerns in the verification of these protocols, and their contributions to overall System Validation complexity. Finally, I review successful methodologies and techniques that assure project success.

Register here for my webinar at no charge to learn all about it: Keeping Pace with Memory Technology using Advanced Verification. You can find more information on Synopsys Memory VIP here.

Authored by Nasib Naser