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Get Ready for IoT with Synopsys PCIe VC Verification IP Workshop

Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting billions of intelligent “things” to our fingertips. The ability to sense countless amounts of information that communicates to the cloud is driving innovation into IoT applications. Servers powering the cloud will have to scale to handle these billions of intelligent things. As a preparation to that PCIe Gen 4 has been introduced. It is capable of supporting 16 T transfers/s. Current primary market driver for the PCIe Gen4 application seems to be server storage space.

Also PCI-SIG and MIPI are collaborating on supporting MIPI MPHY with PCIe: MPCIe is a version of the PCIe protocol for the mobile interconnect.

PCIe had its own evolution with Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 and now Gen4. With every new generation, the speed has doubled and so is the increase in complexity. A proven PCIe Verification IP with support for all the speeds can significantly reduce the verification schedule. If such a Verification IP is also bundled with test suite and coverage suite it can certainly reduce the risk of verification. What if such Verification IP also comes bundled with support for protocol aware debug in Verdi?

Synopsys offers all these features in a single PCIe VC Verification VIP offering:

  • Support for Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 and Gen 4 speeds
  • Support for MPCIe
  • Supporting for the NVMe application
  • Includes a bundled test suite
  • Built-in support for protocol-aware debug in Verdi


Come experience our product hands-on through a PCIe Workshop in your region. This workshop will provide you a unique opportunity to learn about:

  • Ease of programming interface of VC Verification IP for doing normal transfers, error injection and low power scenarios
  • Various outputs generated by the VC Verification IP for debug, Learn to use different abstraction of debug information for different level of debug from signals to text logs to protocol aware debugs within single Verification IP
  • How to integrate the user DUT in to the test suite environment and get it going quickly

Recently, PCIe workshops were held in Mountain View, California, and Bangalore, India. Participants in these workshops told us that they loved the new feature of Verdi to facilitate protocol aware debug and coverage back annotations. Error injection capabilities coupled with various debug capabilities at each layer gave them the confidence to left-shift verification closure. 

Free registration is now open for Shanghai-China, Tokyo-Japan, Austin-Texas and Herzelia-Israel.

Authored by Sadiya Ahmed, Anunay Bajaj and Anand Shirahatti