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MIPI Soundwire Test Suite

Here, we describe how easy it is to integrate and validate a SoundWire design using Synopsys SoundWire VIP Test Suite.

Often Verification IP and design integration require in-depth understanding of the protocol and methodology. This requires significant investment of time in building the expertise in-house. To accelerate the process, Synopsys’ Soundwire VIP solution is written in 100% native SystemVerilog to enable ease-of-use, ease-of integration and high performance. In addition, we provide test suites that are complete, self-contained and design-proven testbenches, written in SystemVerilog UVM and targeted at protocol compliance testing. These are provided as source code enabling users to easily customize or extend the environments to include unique application-specific tests or corner-case scenarios. Using Synopsys VIPs and Test Suites, our users have reduced verification time from months to a few hours in some cases.

Soundwire Test Suite Architecture

Verification IP and RTL Design integration is one of the areas where a good test suite architecture helps the most. It is easy to plug-in the design with verification IP if test suite environment is designed keeping various design configurations in mind. The figure below illustrates our Test Suite architecture. Soundwire-TS-Architecture

The intention of this architecture is to make the environment design independent so that it can work with any design with little or no effort. In this figure, dark and light purple color blocks are provided with Test Suite, user intervention is only required in light purple color boxes to customize the environment to specific DUT. These changes are one time changes and all existing tests and sequences should run as it is after the changes. This significantly reduces verification time of any design, while giving the user a lot of flexibility to write their own test and sequences for design specific test scenarios.

In this white paper, you can learn how a customer was able to integrate the SoundWire Test Suite to verify SoundWire Slave IP of a third party vendor and begin test runs within 8 hours. To learn more about the basics of digital audio transmission and MIPI Soundwire, you can download this whitepaper