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Hands-on Memory Verification IP Workshops

Synopsys Memory Verification IP is modeled natively in SystemVerilog and supports the common verification standard UVM. Our models support 100% of the memory standard as specified by JEDEC.

Now you can take a deep dive into our VIP solutions at no cost with a hands-on workshop. The workshop will highlight and demonstrate how you can achieve rapid verification convergence on your JEDEC DDR based designs. Through a combination of lecture and lab, we’ll show you how to achieve success in verifying complex SoC designs that include advanced memory protocols such as DDR4/3, LPDDR4/3, UFS, eMMC, HBM, HMC and more.

You and your colleagues can register now for a workshop near you:

Schedule:  9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


  • Synopsys Verification IP for DDR Memory Protocols
  • Testbench Configuration made easy with Memory VIP
  • Lab 1: Memory VIP Configurations
  • Lab 2: Memory VIP Checkers and Monitors
  • Lunch (provided by Synopsys)
  • Lab 3: Memory VIP Debug with Verdi
  • Lab 4: Memory VIP Coverage with Verdi

More Information
Please contact us by email at to request a hands-on workshop in your area. Attendance at this event is free, and registration is required. Seating is limited and not all registrations will be accepted. All events are subject to cancellation. For more details, see Memory VIP Workshops.