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Freescale and Xilinx Engineers: Managing SoC Verification Complexity

At DVCon 2015, a couple of our key customers shared their viewpoints on how they manage growing verification complexity. This video begins with Michael Sanie highlighting the Synopsys Verification Continuum, and several key technologies that currently address the industry’s need to “Shift-Left” for faster time-to-market. Later, Amol Bhinge of Freescale and Prashanth Gurunath of Xilinx share how their leading SoC design teams have achieved success by collaborating with Synopsys.

Industry Leaders Verify with Synopsys
Michael Sanie, Senior Director of Verification Marketing

Addressing Unique Verification Challenges of Mixed-signal with VCS AMS
Prashanth Gurunath, Sr. Member Technical Staff Engineer

Reducing SoC Verification and Software Validation Turn Around Time
Amol Bhinge, Senior SoC Verification Manager

Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more such stories and viewpoints from leading engineering teams.