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Better Software. Faster!

As virtual prototyping has seen a wide adoption over the last couple of years, it felt like the right time to work with industry leaders across multiple applications and publish a book that captures the best practices in virtual prototyping. As editor of the book: Better Software. Faster!, I had the privilege to work with some incredibly knowledgeable people who have been deploying virtual prototypes for many years. The book captures the main benefits of virtual prototyping as the key methodology to shift left the design cycle: namely reduce the overall time-to-market by starting software development before hardware availability. Better Software. Faster! features case studies and best practices from companies across mobile, consumer, automotive and industrial applications including: Altera, ARM Bosch, Fujitsu, General Motors, Hitachi, Lauterbach, Linaro, Microsoft, Ricoh, Renesas, Siemens, Texas Instruments and VDC Research. As editor I can of course not do anything less than recommend you read the book, but really … do read the book ;-).

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Virtual Prototyping is Golden

Watching the Olympics this past summer was quite exciting. I enjoyed seeing athletes at the peak of their performance and multiple records broken in many sports. What we don’t see is the years of practice and work behind this excellence. These athletes work at the technique, strength, endurance and mental attitude of winning. To me, this is no different than the work that goes on behind the scenes of a new chip introduction or for that matter, any new product introduction.

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How Many Apps Platforms Can a User Handle?

What do the Inchron Real Time Congress this week and my last weekend home project have in common? They both are all about complexity, real-time, apps and platforms those apps run on. In automotive and consumer domains, apps are running on platforms in systems of systems. The question to me at this point is how many platforms – like AUTOSAR, GENIVI, Android, IOS, Windows Mobile etc. – as well as versions of them can an apps interested user really handle?

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Who Knows System-Level Design Best?

Earlier this week I had the pleasure attending the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF). I was there to present on the Synopsys AUTOSAR activities, but was able to get a front row seat during Rich Beyer’s key note. I must say, the first FTF key note back as a public company after their IPO in may, left me nothing less but impressed. It also made me think about who really owns the system-level knowledge these days.

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Ethernet and Fault Tolerance in Automotive Systems

As a follow up to the DAC workshop called “Intra and Inter-Vehicle Networking in Automotive: Past, Present, and Future”, fellow Blogger Karen Bartelson and I had the pleasure of talking to Wilfired Steiner, Senior Research Engineer from TTTEch, about the challenges of the design of fault tolerant systems.

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DAC Sunday – For Networking in Cars, Ethernet has an Edge

No, not social networking in cars. I’ll leave that for a different time … This is about data and control carrying networks in cars and where they are going. Yesterday I attended here at DAC the Sunday workshop on “Intra and Inter-Vehicle Networking in Automotive: Past, Present, and Future”. It seems like Ethernet has won the battle, albeit not for all areas in the car.

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The Future of Urban Mobility – I Have Driven It!

I have driven what could be the future of Urban Mobility. I have driven in it, to be precise – somebody else was controlling it. The future looks exciting, a bit concerning at times, but definitely interesting. Interesting especially for electronics, because the type of developments necessary to enable future Urban Mobility is pretty mind boggling and a definite driver for semiconductors and new design techniques.

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The 21st Century Engineer–10 Years On!

Well, as January is always over I went back into the garage and checked my IEEE Spectrum from January 10 years ago to think about the predictions from that time. The topic  of the 2001 forecast issue was “Always On – Living in a Networked World”. Overall I am mighty impressed how accurate the outlook of the IEEE team of editors was!

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“Gehen Sie nicht über Los” – Development projects can be like playing Monopoly

Watching today’s electronics projects reminds me of playing Monopoly when growing up. The term “Gehen Sie nicht über Los” has become somewhat proverbial in German language for “game over” situations. It is printed on the card in Monopoly which sends you directly to jail, does not let you pass the starting field and does not grant you the per round income. Missing a deadline in a project can be like that, only the result is not jail but a dead project, a dead company or a pivotal point in a project manager’s career. And that’s where system-level design comes in to the rescue ….

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