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DAC Sunday – For Networking in Cars, Ethernet has an Edge

No, not social networking in cars. I’ll leave that for a different time … This is about data and control carrying networks in cars and where they are going. Yesterday I attended here at DAC the Sunday workshop on “Intra and Inter-Vehicle Networking in Automotive: Past, Present, and Future”. It seems like Ethernet has won the battle, albeit not for all areas in the car.

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Bali, Complexity and Abstraction Levels

Happy post 4th of July. Even though I am only a German observer, I did enjoy the fireworks! The last two weeks have been interesting to say the least. After the Freescale Technology Forum I immediately left for a trip San Francisco – Tokyo – Bali – Tokyo – Frankfurt – Hamburg – Berlin – Frankfurt – Tokyo – San Francisco, all in 10 days. Our mid-year sales update took place in Bali (I know, your sympathy is gone by now) and the trip to Germany was to attend my Dad’s 70th birthday. Both events gave me enough opportunity to try to explain in Laymen’s Terms what my job and system-level design is all about. While lost between two buildings in the hotel resort in Bali I had the idea to explain it in hotel terms. Here it goes:

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