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How will you deploy Electronic System Virtualization?

Today the problem for companies developing electronic systems is not anymore the existence of the right technology, but rather how will I deploy it. Electronic System Virtualization must cover areas such as processor design, system architecture, oftware development, go-to-market enablement, configuration, etc. The virtualization of the electronic system must start from the specification all the way to the deployment of the system itself independently of the system being a core, an SoC, a board, a device or a network of devices.

The use of electronic system virtualization is proven to deliver the value. Many companies are now presenting their results and the significant benefit they are getting. However none of these companies have considered a single use case for virtual platforms for example. They have derived results from using virtual platform as an infrastructure across several of the product life cycle tasks. 

The implication of this reality is that the deployment of Electronic System Virtualization technologies will require individuals and organizations driving their deployment. It will require executive support, it will require the willingness to introduce changes.

The drivers behind this change will be the leaders of tomorrow.

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