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Virtual Platform Workshop at DAC

Qualcomm reporting on the opportunities and challenges of Virtual Platforms for their system designs. QC has been highlighting the productivity gain they get from Virtual Platforms for Software Development, Architecture Definition, Hardware Development and Early Customer Success. Qualcomm is following an incremental Virtual Platform creation approach to incrementally enable software development and get value out of VPs as early as possible. QC has reported a significant quality gain because they are able to develop the tests upfront and do not need to wait until the HW is available for the test development. VPs help QC to improve the coverage of their testing using complex software use-caes. VPs have enabled QC to create tests that they could not create before. Challenges remain on the Virtual Platform enablement side. For QC it was key to choose a standards-based modeling language and TLM to ensure interoperability between models. The driver to select a tool and/or language is its ability to create virtual platform models that are fast, at a higher level of abstraction, are interoperable, and that can be created in an easy way. QC reported that it is key for them that their engineers are enabled to carry out the modeling. It is of significant importance that a wider set of engineers/IP architects are enabled to create models with the above mentioned characteristics.

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