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DAC Tuesday – Even more on System Design …

The votes were cast, THANK YOU for your votes to all of us EDA Bloggers and CONGRATULATIONS to Karen Bartleson for winning  the “NEXT EDA BLOGGER” contest.

Other than the Denali party I saw lots of system-design activity at DAC. In the panel on System Prototyping the panelists were remarkably aligned with emphasizing the need for both virtual and physical prototypes, which connected via SCE-MI can become even more powerful. Another panel on the ecosystem featured ARM, Cadence, Virtutech and ST and dealt with questions like :Where do these models come from” (Aligned answer The IP provider, please).

Today will be my personal last day at DAC for this year. I will present ways to increase verification productivity at 3pm at the DAC Exhibitor Forum. My colleague Filip Thoen will show Synopsys SuperSpeed USB 3.0 virtual platforms at the DAC Virtual Platform Workshop (sign-up required). In addition the Standards booth will be in full swing again, today featuring Greensocs at 9:00am, Forte at 11:00am, ARM at 1:00pm and Target Compiler at 3:00pm.

See you on the show floor!

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