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A rant: Will the agent of change for SW stand up?

 How many time have I heard now that software is the growing problem, that software is the savior for the traditional EDA companies, that the software teams are out growing the hardware team, yet the software tools budget are not, …

This week design automation conference is no different; you can hear it from the CEO of the EDA companies to their soldiers, from the executive of semiconductor companies to their soldiers, from the analyst to the press, to even the taxi driver in San Francisco. Software is the problem; we need to do something about it!

But yet when it comes to doing something very little of these players are effectively executing on it. Everything is very much about RTL, optimization of the hardware, etc. The true software solutions are few. The first thing we hear from customers is “yes it is about the software, but what about my hardware problem”. The second is from the companies (trying to protect their legacy) “yes, software is the problem, but let me explain to you how what I have today solves the problem”

Well let’s be realistic, if what exists today from these companies and what is being used by the engineers was solving the problem, then there would be no problem!

Addressing the software problem requires the willingness to change. To change the development process, to retool, to be willing to say I want to invest in these new technologies, to be willing to look at the product life cycle management, to stand up and say “Yes there is a software problem and I will not wait for the storm to pass before I fix it”, “Yes there is a software problem and I will lead my organization to make this difficult but necessary change”.

Are you this engineer, this manager, this executive that will say yes and drive the change? If not get out of the way, the wave is coming anyway.

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