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NASCUG Does It Again at DAC

The North America SystemC User Group (NASCUG) once again held it’s popular SystemC user group meeting at DAC. Attendance was good, with over 100 people attending to hear the OSCI update, education on SystemC standards, and technical papers from users on the application of SystemC, and to participate in an open Town Hall meeting style discussion.

Interestingly, many of the attendees were attending NASCUG for the first time. According to the innovative live survey “clicker” response system, 43% were first time attendees. That said, the majority of the attendees considered themselves intermediate, advanced, or power users of SystemC. Before diving into the papers, OSCI announced progress in the TLM WG, AMS WG, and Synthesis WG activities (read more at www.systemc.org) and gave updates on all WG activities, including the new Configuration, Control, and Inspection (CCI) WG.

Technical presentations covered modeling, software development, architecture design, and verification.  For the complete agenda and access to the presentations, visit www.nascug.org.

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