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Big Crowd for CoWare ESV DAC Exhibitor Forum Session

Presenting at the first exhibitor forum session at DAC, during some difficult economic times, is always somewhat of a risk. It wasn’t clear how big an audience we should expect. Standing in front of the exhibitor forum seating area, I was waiting with my co-presenters without high hopes. The first 5 people started to get seated 20 minutes before the presentation. And eventually attendees filled the seats … I shouldn’t have worried. Over 100 persons attended our presentation on Addressing the Design Challenges of ARM-Based LTE Mobile Phone Designs Using System Virtualization. Together, with IP model partners ARM, Ltd. and Carbon Design Systems, CoWare explained how CoWare Electronic System Virtualization solutions address the design challenges that hardware and software engineers working on LTE mobile phone designs are facing. Based on the questions from the audience, it is clear that standards like SystemC are very important and that the complexity of their designs demand a fast and flexible solution for multi-core designs.

These items are exactly some of the key strengths of CoWare Electronic System Virtualization solutions. As recent customer success stories prove, not only has CoWare been consistently leading the industry with standards-based ESV solutions, customers are choosing CoWare ESV solutions for their complex multi-core designs. Since this type of design is becoming the de facto standard for today’s electronic devices, virtualization needs will only grow.

Looking back at the audience for the electronic system virtualization exhibitor forum session, interest in system virtualization is already growing and people are more than ever looking at CoWare to help pull in design time, lower costs and enable the supply chain. It is promising to be an interesting DAC.

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