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Show me the customer experience!

I always find interesting the slew of product announcements around industry tradeshow. DAC is no different, every supplier comes out with the latest and greatest thing, hoping to make a splash and win with his technology. Over the years, the targeted audience has probably figured out that there was not that much into it other than setting up their route to see demos and be littered with the marketing superlatives used to describe the products.

For this year CoWare decided to take another approach by bringing to the audience the Electronic System Virtualization customer experience. First through announcement: last week we announced that NXP Successfully Deploys Integrated CoWare and ARM Cortex Processor-based Solution in its Virtual Prototyping Environment;, and there is more to come; second and probably more important through actual customer presentation at our DAC Booth.

The presentations will include:

  • Developing Advanced Wireless Technologies Using CoWare by Interdigital
  • Using a Virtual Platform to Develop and Validate a UMTS Layer1 Protocol
    Software Stack by ST-Ericsson
  • Achieving Optimal Cost-performance Balance in Advanced Wireless Modem
    Chipsets using Stochastic Simulation by Motorola

Information and registration for these presentations can be found at http://www.coware.com/news/dac09.php

Plan to attend!

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