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Should Have Taken that Speed Typing Class :)

image Being engaged in 20 conversations is not trivial. I better do take that speed typing class if this is the future of trade shows and conferences. I am engaged in about 20 conversations at which the messenger window gets kind of slow.

I like the auditorium though … a place to chill and listen. I will be on a panel later today at 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT on tools for multicore called “Tools: What are the Right tools for the Job (And do they Even Exist?)”.

Everyone talks about multicore but it seems nobody does anything about it. Where can a programmer start, and what does a system designer need to know? Multicore hardware is the easy part; where do the development tools come from? In this webinar we’ll meet the tool makers that are tackling these problems and see what treasures and hurdles await the unprepared designer.

I am still here live blogging and answering questions at the virtual trade show … meet me at the Multicore Virtual Conference!

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