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Listening to Pink Floyd While Attending a Trade Show – Priceless !

image OK, I admit feeling weird a little bit. I am at work, could be in my pajama’s for all the world cares and have talked to about 50 people by now. OK, it’s actually just Roger Waters’ “Amused to Death”. Quite a dark album. In a chat Grant Martin just pointed out “Whish you were here” is probable the Pink Floyd title of the hour, given that all  participants of the Multicore Virtual Conference are not …

Intermediate feedback I get from participants is mixed. Some like it. Some struggle with the technology a little bit. Most of them happily interact virtually. Overall there are still 261 visitors in the auditorium and 399 in the auditorium / plaza. We had constantly between 10 and 15 people at the booth, I logged about 40 or so interesting conversations. That’s pretty good for a morning’s 3 hours of work from my office.

I am still here live blogging and answering questions at the virtual trade show … meet me at the Multicore Virtual Conference! It is quite a unique experience and a great spot to get lots of useful information at a single point collected into a virtual briefcase …

Back to virtual work!

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