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Key Note at The Multicore Virtual Conference


Funky! Kunle Olukotun, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University is giving the virtual key note in the virtual auditorium here at the Multicore Virtual Conference. Quite interesting. He is talking about how to regain the free lunch, which Herb Sutter of Microsoft coined a couple of years ago as “being over”

We’ll see. He is referring to transactional memory and some magic how to parallelize software.

I am still a bit distracted. The interesting aspect for me here is the conference itself. Things need getting used to … it is not trivial to find different locations as there are direct shortcuts between the exhibition and the auditorium.

image However, we now have 350 virtual attendees at 8:23am. My colleague Filip Thoen and I are picking up people in direct conversations.

I am still here … meet me at the Multicore Virtual Conference!



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