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How to talk to 17 people at once …


OK, 17 people at the booth now at 8:42. How can I talk to 17 people at once. People are just as reluctant as on a real trade show. I can pull up their profiles though and decide whom to focus on with targeted chats.

Unfortunately I can not see what they are looking at … this would be nice. So I am welcoming people one by one. This is getting interesting.

I can, BTW, listen to the key note in parallel while checking out what is going on at our booth. Try that on a real trade show. Still 343 people in the auditorium, 8 in the resource center, 548 on the show floor, 4 in the communication center and 550 on the plaza of the trade show. If this is cumulative then we have great attendance.

I am still here … meet me at the Multicore Virtual Conference!

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