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Please hand me that lion face mask, will you?

OK, I admit it. I can be a skeptic at times. And until today I was a skeptic about one type of virtualization.

Don’t take me wrong, I am very bullish about virtualization when it comes to virtualization of embedded hardware to enable early software development. That’s one of  the businesses my group is involved in and it works well. No, I was a skeptic on replacing real interactions with virtual interactions. That’s the type of interaction like in 2nd Life. I first ran across those virtual worlds when watching CSI New York and Detective Mac Taylor was hunting people though real and virtual worlds. All had pretty cool avatars, the virtual representations of themselves. Well, cool, I thought, but far away from what I am doing.

VirtualConferenceSetting Well, it turns out that some of our trade shows are going virtual as well. Prominent examples are the Freescale Technology Forum – which I attended last year live – and which is this year coming to you as Virtual Freescale FTF. No travel involved! You can even wear your pajamas …

We at Synopsys decided to sponsor the EETImes Multicore Virtual Conference. It will happen next Thursday, June 18th 2009. When we first asked my management for budget, I couldn’t help but being somewhat reserved. Today I reviewed the virtual booth and the virtual trade show floor and must say, I am very positively surprised. This actually may work well. The picture above shows the trade show setting. The little insert shows the Synopsys booth, which nicely scrolls in 3D before an skyline vaguely reminding me of San Francisco.

VirtualConferenceBoothDetail When you attend our actual booth, you will be welcomed by a setting like the second picture here. We recorded a video welcoming you. The video will give you an overview of our multi-core related offerings. We then can chat with each other and you can download whitepapers, datasheets and other resources. You even will be able to see a demo of our tools: We will showcase Innovator running a OMAP multicore platform and also some detailed demos on debugging USB software on our Synopsys USB 2.0 and 3.0 OTG cores.

So I am quite excited about this. I am pretty sure (and hopeful) that this type of virtualization will never completely overtake actual human to human interaction. In an environment of cost cutting and budget constraints, it sure is a great instrument for technical information exchange though.

The only item I am not certain about is the representation of all of us as avatars. So if I happen to have one – I am not sure, was never asked for a 3D rendering of my face – then I’ll be the one with the lion mask 🙂 See you all (virtually) on Thursday, June 18th 2009 at the EETImes Multicore Virtual Conference.

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