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March Embedded Software Madness – Part 2 – Getting 25% Off Registration for ESC San Jose

Now that the Multicore Expo is over, my eyes are on the next set of embedded software related activities. The Multicore Expo and Conference was well attended. Multicore issues seem to be an important even in these difficult times of less travel and limited budgets. The discussions and conference sessions were quite interesting. You can check out the tracks and probably get the proceedings at the official website of the Multicore Expo.

As for the next events and as I had already indicated in the last post on March Embedded Software Madness, I can get you 25% off to be at the place to “be embedded” in the last week of March. You can get 25% off registration for the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. Just use promotion code CTEDA15 when registering. If that alone is not enough to convince your management to let you go, the conference program can be found here and here is the registration page.

Personally I am involved a little bit here as I had been asked to organize an EDA related track. I am quite excited about the opportunity to put together a track. What I essentially did in choosing a set of companies to help me with this track, was to back up some of my thoughts of a previous Blog post called On Behavioral Synthesis … Or … Why Market Fragmentation Causes Issues!.

I had argued that there are several options to get from “the idea” to “the implementation”, spanning a wide range of hardware software implementation choices for both the actual implementation (see the graphic on the right) and also the integration of blocks, for which users also have a variety of options.

The track I have put together is called “Improving Productivity at the Hardware / Software Interface” and combines three companies providing implementation paths from ideas to implementation with two sessions on hardware/software debug interfaces. For the first portion we have Synfora for classical high-level synthesis, Target Compiler for custom processor synthesis and CriticalBlue for co-processor synthesis of existing code and multicore software optimization of legacy code. On the hardware software interfaces Gary Stringham will talk about lessons learned from firmware integration problems and I will present on software development productivity improvements achievable with prototypes – virtual platforms, FPGA prototypes and hybrids of them.

Finally, as a special session in the ESC Theater I have helped to put together a panel on synergies between embedded software and electronic design automation (EDA). Ron Wilson will moderate Joachim Kunkel, GM at Synopsys, Tomas Evensen, CTO at WindRiver, Chris Rowens, CTO and Founder of Tensilica, Alan Naumann, CEO of CoWare and Mac MacNamara, GM at Cadence to discuss the topic of “Who’s Taking over Whom – Is EDA moving into Embedded or Embedded into EDA?”. This sure will be a fun discussion, although I am convinced they synergistically will co-exist and not “taking over”.

See you all there … and again, promotion code CTEDA15 will get you 25% off when registering for the Embedded Systems Conference.

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