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Blogging from DAC – Day 3

With Sumit Gupta at DACOK, here we are again from DAC and topic of today is multicore. Sumit Gupta from Nvidia and I had some interesting discussions around it, both using Multicore for our tools and using our tools for multicore. A good example is the NVidia Cuda architecture as introduced by Chris from NVidia during Sunday’s General Chair’s Reception.

NVidia had indicated in Sunday’s presentation that the applications for GPU multicore architectures grow beyond just graphics and of course EDA is one of the application areas which can use more parallel compute power. But it works the other way around too … tools for virtual platform development and deployment can be instrumental in developing embedded software for multicore architectures as well. Especially the enhanced debug insight allows users to check for race conditions, deadlocks and stalls – i.e. the typical multicore nightmares.

So, life is still interesting here at DAC – multicore is changing the landscape here in EDA and ESL land as well! DAC will go into its final stretch tomorrow, so this is the last update from DAC.

I’ll be off to Orlando to the Freescale Technology Forum next week. If you are there please visit us, we will be showing an Freescale I.MX31 virtual platform running Windows CE and will show you how to do power analysis and early software development on it. See you there !

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