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Game Consoles with USB 3.0 – XBox One and PS4

Microsoft unveiled the XBox One this week.  The Press Conference revealed what we should have known (from reading about the Kinect 2) that the XBox One and the Kinect 2 have USB 3.0.

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New Game Consoles PS4 and XBox Kinect 2 to have USB 3.0

Microsoft Durango Kinect

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E3 Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect, The Best BlackBerry Ever, Tango the iPhone App

Microsoft heavily promoted the Kinect XBOX 360 games today at E3. Developers have had a another year to generate new uses, and it shows in the latest line-up of games.

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Holographic video conferencing and USB 3.0

Yes, 3D TV has it’s skeptics, but at the beginning of the last century, people thought “talkies*” would fail.

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Kinect Teardown from EE Times, Second USB 3.0 Host Certified

Sony and Microsoft have added Motion Control to their game systems.  Specifically, Sony has wireless motions sensing remotes (called the Move) similar to the Wii controller (WiMote).  Microsoft has the Kinect.

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XBox 360 Kinect – Not just for games

In 3 weeks, Microsoft will ship out Kinect for the XBox 360.  Kinect is a 3D Video Camera and Software. The Camera connects to your XBox through the XBox USB port.  It allows you to play games without a controller.  The early reviews indicate that this is the most precise motion control system ever, where the system uses “1 million points” on your body for greater precision.

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