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Windows 8 available October 26, 2012 (with USB 3.0), and a Demo with a Win 8 Beta

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky announced the availability of Windows 8 today as reported in the Microsoft Win 8 Blog a few hours ago.

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The First Commercially Available Tablet PC with USB 3.0–Microsoft Surface, Maybe Soon


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TI OMAP 5 Demo – First Mobile / Tablet Reference Design with USB 3.0 fully integrated, The Faster USB 3.0 Flash Drive

TI has now demonstrated the TI OMAP 5 chip which fully integrates USB 3.0,

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USB-IF Certifies PC Chipsets–The ones you care about


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Windows 8 from a Flash Drive


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First Windows 8 Demonstration of USB 3.0 at Build, IDF 2011 1 Billion plus USB 3.0 products

1+ Billion USB 3.0 Devices in 2 years

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Windows 8 to support SuperSpeed USB 3.0

It’s finally official, Windows 8 will support SuperSpeed USB 3.0.  Microsoft’s blog really lays out all the virtual and real hardware testing that Microsoft has to go through to make sure the drivers work, and work well. with billions of USB products.

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