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Will Wireless (data & charging) replace USB?

The big question on people’s minds is if wireless, data transfer and charging, will replace USB in the future. The simple answer is  NO, USB is here to stay. For the longer answer read on. It is true, wireless data transfer and wireless charging has replaced some of the traditional USB cable connected usage but […]

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Media Agnostic USB – USB over WiFi in Qualcomm designs – Updated Oct 15

 The USB released a standard called Media Agnostic USB at IDF last month.  The standard essentially creates a class driver specification, a software level specification so that you use USB protocols to send data over any media. Any media in this case is targeted at wireless standards WiFi and WiGig.  Since it’s agnostic, the same class […]

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Industry’s First Demo of USB 3.0 SSIC and MIPI M-PHY Passing USB Compliance Tests

I’m proud to report Synopsys is the first and only company to demonstrate a real USB 3.0 Host and USB 3.0 Device working with a real MIPI M-PHY and not only demonstrating traffic, but demonstrating how we can pass the tests run by the standard USB Compliance Verifier (USBCV) 3.0. Before we begin, remember that SSIC […]

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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 2 – Wireless Routers

Now that you are back from the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s meeting in Omaha, filled with Gorat’s Steakhouse steak and Dairy Queen goodness, your thoughts naturally turn to USB 3.0 and ask: Where can I find USB 3.o in WiFi? After you read about wireless drives in last week’s entry, you need a fast router that is […]

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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 1 – Wireless Drives

As your thoughts turn to spring, and the great outdoors (except for in Minnesota where I’m from, where you watched fishing on TV this past weekend), you naturally ask yourself, “What is going on with that whole USB 3.0 thing?” Well, it’s been 1 year since the Ivy Bridge chipset started shipping with USB 3.0 […]

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Why my Video Cameras and Digital Cameras really need USB 3.0 – Part 2

Camera makers can make more money by embedding NAND Flash in their cameras. How Camera Makers Limit Themselves Why haven’t camera makers embedded NAND Flash?  Because of cost and profit margins.  They don’t include it because most camera makers and the decision makers a conservative bunch of chip makers.  More importantly, they value image quality […]

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Double-Speed USB 3.0 – Why it’s needed, really – Part 2 – USB and WiFi

I had lunch with a friend today. By today, I mean 9 days ago. Yes, well, I think he’s a friend.  He and I are too cheap to subscribe to Cloud services to back up all our pictures and data for our home computers. We’ve both purchased USB 3.0 Hard Drives.  He backs his up […]

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Latency, WiFi, and USB 3.0

In a WiFi group I visit, I received a response that said something like “I’ve reviewed WiFi-AC products with USB 2.0 and it seems that WiFi-AC can’t really take adantage of USB 3.0 speeds” First, Iappreciated the response. Second, I thought, “If I am an early adopter, I already use WiFi-N 2×2 and I get […]

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Wireless needs Wired USB 3.0

You’ve read the first criticisms of the first WiFi-AC routers that have only USB 2.0 and not USB 3.0.  USB 2.0 just isn’t fast enough. You can read our article here at ChipDesign on how Wireless demands Wired USB 3.0 including all the neat data that shows that: Draft WiFi-AC is 0.450-0.900 Gbps and faster WiFi-N […]

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The World’s First 2 Wireless Routers with USB 3.0, PCI Express Blog Launches Today

  Corrected November 29, 2012 – Thanks to reader Glenn for the info – The world’s first 2 Wireless WiFi Routers supporting USB 3.0 started shipping recently fro Netgear and D-Link. The Netgear Centria (WNDR4700/4720) and the D-Link HD Media Rounter (DIR-857) support the WiFi-AC standard which promises data rates of 450 Megabits per second […]

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