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Why my Video Cameras and Digital Cameras really need USB 3.0 – Part 2

Camera makers can make more money by embedding NAND Flash in their cameras.

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Double-Speed USB 3.0 – Why it’s needed, really – Part 2 – USB and WiFi

I had lunch with a friend today.

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Latency, WiFi, and USB 3.0

In a WiFi group I visit, I received a response that said something like “I’ve reviewed WiFi-AC products with USB 2.0 and it seems that WiFi-AC can’t really take adantage of USB 3.0 speeds”

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I'm buying a 3D TV

Next Year I’m buying a 3D TV.  Assuming I make it to next year.  I’m hoping to pick one up for less than $1500 just so I can watch Toy Story 3 in 3D.  Really.

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