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Why my Video Cameras and Digital Cameras really need USB 3.0 – Part 2

Camera makers can make more money by embedding NAND Flash in their cameras. How Camera Makers Limit Themselves Why haven’t camera makers embedded NAND Flash?  Because of cost and profit margins.  They don’t include it because most camera makers and the decision makers a conservative bunch of chip makers.  More importantly, they value image quality […]

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Double-Speed USB 3.0 – Why it’s needed, really – Part 2 – USB and WiFi

I had lunch with a friend today. By today, I mean 9 days ago. Yes, well, I think he’s a friend.  He and I are too cheap to subscribe to Cloud services to back up all our pictures and data for our home computers. We’ve both purchased USB 3.0 Hard Drives.  He backs his up […]

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Latency, WiFi, and USB 3.0

In a WiFi group I visit, I received a response that said something like “I’ve reviewed WiFi-AC products with USB 2.0 and it seems that WiFi-AC can’t really take adantage of USB 3.0 speeds” First, Iappreciated the response. Second, I thought, “If I am an early adopter, I already use WiFi-N 2×2 and I get […]

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I'm buying a 3D TV

Next Year I’m buying a 3D TV.  Assuming I make it to next year.  I’m hoping to pick one up for less than $1500 just so I can watch Toy Story 3 in 3D.  Really. My search on Amazon yielded about 27 different models from LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony.  All of them had […]

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