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Too Few USB Ports, USB is Hard because it’s Easy, International Happiness Day

Not Enough USB Ports The most common complaint I hear now is that PC’s don’t offer enough USB 3.0 ports. In the most recent blog from Jeff Cable, he talks about how he bought a MacPro that has only 4 USB 3.0 ports.  Jeff Cable says: “The only bad thing is that the new Mac […]

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First USB 3.0 Consumer Product & FreeBSD gets USB 3.0

3D drives 3.0 I can’t fill a 1 Terabyte drive with personal media yet, and I generate about 4 GB of digital pictures and video a month. I can however fill an HD DVR in about 3 months.  I recorded a single episode of the new Hawaii-Five-O (from the writers of “Star Trek”) and it […]

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USB Software Alliance

We launched our USB Software Alliance program last week with our participants, Emsys, Jungo, MCCI, and MicroDigital. Although we provide reference drivers and programming guides for our USB Cores (and other cores too), many of our customer outsource their software drivers to other companies. Projects differ.  A cell phone, digital camera, or a set top […]

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