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USB as seen at CES 2017

So much buzz from CES 2017 this year with the big hitters (IMO) being autonomous cars, IoT devices for the home, specifically security, wearables, virtual reality (VR), 8K TV’s and of course USB everything. Within the space of USB, Type-C was the main theme with cables, chargers, hubs and more abundant from a varied number […]

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How long will we be living USB Type-C dongle hell? Not Long I think

  There has been lots of chatter on dongles now that Apple taken the leap of faith and removed all ports on the new MacBook Pros except one, the USB Type-C (USB-C) port. Now while in my opinion this is a bold move in the right direction it does lead to a transition phase where […]

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USB in Automotive Applications

Thanks to the huge consumer demand for increased safety, autonomous driving and improved luxury in vehicles the automotive SoC market is expected to grow at 6.7% CAGR between 2014 to 2019  (source IC Market Drivers, IC Insights Jan 2016). The fastest growing segment is the Automated Driver Assistance System, ADAS, which is estimated to have […]

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Relationships Between USB Specs, Part Two & Where to Learn more about Type-C and DisplayPort alt mode

Recently I blogged on the relationships between USB Type-C, USB 3.1, Power Delivery and DisplayPort specifications. In my last blog I simplified the view focusing on the important and latest specifications. I think the simplified view answer most designer’s questions but there are still a few that like to see the full history and complex […]

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USB Type-C is Here – Are You Ready?

Dozens of products are now shipping with the USB Type-C connector, making it the fastest adopted USB-IF standard and likely to be in your next USB-enabled SoC. Read on to learn about implementing USB 3.1 and USB Type-C in SoCs and how DesignWare® USB IP can help you get your products to market faster. Industry […]

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The World’s First Demonstration of SuperSpeed InterChip (SSIC)

Synopsys worked with the USB-IF SSIC Working Group to develop a SSIC Proof of Concept demonstration.  The USB-IF has been working on SSIC for some time.   This Proof of Concept in FPGA is to test the SSIC specification version 0.90 to see if it actually works in hardware. It worked (mostly).   We learned, […]

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USB 3.0 Article from Ron Wilson at EDN

Ron Wilson, editor from EDN, recently published a very comprehensive article on USB 3.0. It includes insight from Synopsys as well as other notable companies such as SMSC, PLX Technology and TI. The article covers key areas that designers should understand when designing for USB 3.0 and consider when evaluating a USB 3.0 IP solution. […]

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USB Won, Certified Wireless USB will Win. Really…

I agreed to do this blog because there is so little opinionated stuff debunking the debunkers of Wireless USB. Yes, I’m a USB chauvinist, and a Wireless USB chauvinist, but I understand how this stuff gets adopted and used.  At least in my own mind. 🙂   USB Won, Certified Wireless will Win – So […]

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