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USB goes feral

My family and I were given the opportunity to travel to Orlando to visit Universal Studios with Family Forward. If you have not visited Universal in Orlando before or have not been there for a while you can read about it here which also includes a summary of all the great new and coming attractions. […]

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VESA DisplayPort USB Type-C certification now available – Hot off the press

This week VESA announced the availability of the Early Certification Program for USB Type-C Devices Using DisplayPort Alt Mode. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) is officially launching its early certification test program for products incorporating the new USB Type-C connector and the DisplayPort Alternate Mode (“Alt Mode”) standard. The Synopsys DesignWare IP supports […]

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First Platform-to-Platform 10G USB 3.1 Host and Device demonstration (over a cable)

Universe’s First Platform-to-Platform 10G USB 3.1 Host and Device demonstration (over a cable) After working with the USB-IF for more than a year developing the standard, I’m proud and excited to present to you the Industry’s first 10G USB 3.1 Host Platform to Device Platform demonstration.   And the first by an IP Company…   What […]

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USB 3.0 Docking Stations for Apple PCs and Tablets, Synopsys at IDF, USB Humor

MacBook Air using USB 3.0 to display on 4 PC Monitors DisplayLink has now shipped millions of USB 3.0 Docking Stations in branded items from pretty much every major PC manufacturer in the business.  They expanded their support to Apple PCs so or MacBook Pro and MacBook Air can now connect to a docking station and support […]

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10 Gbps USB Ready for Development

The 10 Gbps USB specification is now out and final.  Here’s what to call it. Enhanced SuperSpeed Gen 1 for 5G USB Physical Layer or PHY (formerly USB 3.0 or Superspeed USB that operates at all USB 3.0 speeds and lower) and  Gen 2 for the faster 10G USB Physical Layer operating speed Together a complete […]

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USB Power Delivery Profiles

  The USB Power Delivery standard will allow up to 100W of power to be delivered to or from devices.    There is an error in the first slide.  Correction is after the Jump Keep in mind that the power provided over USB is limited by the wire gauge or thickness/diameter of the cable. More […]

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USB 3.0 in the Digital Home–Part 1

If you are like most people… … you aren’t reading this blog. It also means you have one of these items with USB 2.0 in your home 1) A PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 or Wii 2) A Set Top Box for your cable, DSL, or Satellite TV. 3) A BluRay or DVD player purchased in […]

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USB on Mars

My thanks to 42 readers who sent me this video. Clicking on the image below will take you to the website with the video. Watch the first 1.2 minutes.     Subscribe Forward this Blog Address To subscribe, click on this link:   Step By Step – Here’s 3 ways to subscribe   […]

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Take the USB Quiz–The Children of USB

I asked a gentleman a few questions about USB products, and non-USB standards. The result (to me at least) is both revealing and entertaining.  You should really watch this. Eric Huang asks Terrance Carter, a Child of USB, questions about USB and non-USB     Subscribe Forward this Blog Address to all the people in […]

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