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First and Only Certified USB 3.1 Host IP (in the Universe) probably

Synopsys earned the first ever certification of a USB 3.1 Host IP Solution. Most likely this is the first and only in the universe.   First again…after first with certified: USB 3.1 Device IP Solution USB 3.0 Host IP Solution USB 3.0 Device IP Solution USB 2.0 Host IP Solution USB 2.0 Device IP Solution And […]

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How long will we be living USB Type-C dongle hell? Not Long I think

  There has been lots of chatter on dongles now that Apple taken the leap of faith and removed all ports on the new MacBook Pros except one, the USB Type-C (USB-C) port. Now while in my opinion this is a bold move in the right direction it does lead to a transition phase where […]

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Part 2: USB Type-C to replace the 3.5mm head phone jack

Last week I blogged about how USB Type-C would replace the 3.5mm audio jack in the future. I asked the readers to comment on what they thought about this. Below is one of the comments I didn’t approve At first it seemed as this was a normal spam comment but then I thought it might […]

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USB Type-C to replace the 3.5mm head phone jack & introducing USB-IF certified USB-C chargers

During IDF 2016 there was a lot of buzz around USB Type-C. Two of the hot topics were USB Type-C for audio and the announcement by the USB-IF to offer certification for Type-C chargers. Also, Synopsys demonstrated our USB-IF Certified 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s) host and device solution. Below is a picture of a […]

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USB Certification – Important, Critical and a Great Starting Point (not an Endpoint)

USB is endpoints That’s a Pun (which unfortunately has to be explained) When you design a USB peripheral, like a USB mouse, it will can have as few as 2 endpoints The mouse needs a control endpoint, for configuration. That’s Endpoint 0 (zero). It will have 1 Interrupt endpoint. This takes in mouse clicks, right […]

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Achieving USB 3.1 Certification, Successful Type-C Implementation, DisplayLink Videos and more

The new DesignWare Technical Bulletin has just been published This quarterly newsletter provides the latest information on DesignWare® IP including in-depth technical articles, whitepapers, videos, webinars and more. You can read the full newsletter online. Below are the USB focused articles which I highly recommend. Featured USB Article Challenges of USB 3.1 IP CertificationUnderstand the […]

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Learn How Inuitive Achieved First-Pass Silicon Success for NU3000 Multi-Core Signal Processor with DesignWare USB 3.0

We just published a new success story which covers how Inuitive used the DesignWare USB 3.0 IP (and other IP such as DDR, MIPI & Foundation) to help achieve first time silicon success for the NU3000 multi-core signal processor. Inuitive is a fabless semiconductor company. The NU3000 is a multi-core signal processor chip aimed to […]

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Relationships Between USB Specs, Part Two & Where to Learn more about Type-C and DisplayPort alt mode

Recently I blogged on the relationships between USB Type-C, USB 3.1, Power Delivery and DisplayPort specifications. In my last blog I simplified the view focusing on the important and latest specifications. I think the simplified view answer most designer’s questions but there are still a few that like to see the full history and complex […]

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Will USB Type-C burn my device?

I ran into this article online last week, it discusses how a bad USB Type-C cable fried a Google engineers equipment, including a Chromebook Pixel. It also covers another issue when another bad Type-C cable drew too much power from a laptops port killing them. I highly suggest you read the article, but if […]

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The World’s First Demonstration of SuperSpeed InterChip (SSIC)

Synopsys worked with the USB-IF SSIC Working Group to develop a SSIC Proof of Concept demonstration.  The USB-IF has been working on SSIC for some time.   This Proof of Concept in FPGA is to test the SSIC specification version 0.90 to see if it actually works in hardware. It worked (mostly).   We learned, […]

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