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Too Few USB Ports, USB is Hard because it’s Easy, International Happiness Day

Not Enough USB Ports

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Media Agnostic USB – USB over WiFi in Qualcomm designs – Updated Oct 15

 The USB released a standard called Media Agnostic USB at IDF last month.  The standard essentially creates a class driver specification, a software level specification so that you use USB protocols to send data over any media.

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Building a Point and Shoot Camera to Compete with Smart Phones – Part 1

Falling Shipments of Point and Shoot Cameras

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Thunderbolt 1 Flash Drive, Thunderbolt 2 with Enterprise SSD

Thunderbolt 1 Flash Drive

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Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and 10G USB – Who wins?

Thunderlbolt 2, USB 3.0 and 10G USB – Who will Win?

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Game Consoles with USB 3.0 – XBox One and PS4

Microsoft unveiled the XBox One this week.  The Press Conference revealed what we should have known (from reading about the Kinect 2) that the XBox One and the Kinect 2 have USB 3.0.

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Industry’s First Demo of USB 3.0 SSIC and MIPI M-PHY Passing USB Compliance Tests

I’m proud to report Synopsys is the first and only company to demonstrate a real USB 3.0 Host and USB 3.0 Device working with a real MIPI M-PHY and not only demonstrating traffic, but demonstrating how we can pass the tests run by the standard USB Compliance Verifier (USBCV) 3.0.

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Why we need 10G USB (Double-Speed USB 3.0)? – Revisited

As we enter the next era of USB, the 10 Gbps one, I’m asked constantly, why does USB need to go any faster? Answer:  Users expect Instant On, fast access to everything.  This means you need lower latentces, and faster access to everything inside and outside your device, tablet, phablet, or phone. If you have a notebook PC or ultrathin PC or ultrabook, it will have limited space. You have the option of having an external wireless or wired drive.

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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 3 – Monitors using USB 3.0 for Video

Having finished off an entire bag of Siracha flavored potato chips left for me on Tuesday morning (Thanks Scott Knowlton, author of the PCIExpress Blog, !), I turn to the subject of monitors using USB 3.0 for Video. Why in the world would anyone use USB for Video? The answer is the Monitor becomes the docking station for your PC.

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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 1 – Wireless Drives

As your thoughts turn to spring, and the great outdoors (except for in Minnesota where I’m from, where you watched fishing on TV this past weekend), you naturally ask yourself, “What is going on with that whole USB 3.0 thing?”

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