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Learn How Inuitive Achieved First-Pass Silicon Success for NU3000 Multi-Core Signal Processor with DesignWare USB 3.0

We just published a new success story which covers how Inuitive used the DesignWare USB 3.0 IP (and other IP such as DDR, MIPI & Foundation) to help achieve first time silicon success for the NU3000 multi-core signal processor. Inuitive is a fabless semiconductor company. The NU3000 is a multi-core signal processor chip aimed to […]

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Relationships Between USB Specs, Part Two & Where to Learn more about Type-C and DisplayPort alt mode

Recently I blogged on the relationships between USB Type-C, USB 3.1, Power Delivery and DisplayPort specifications. In my last blog I simplified the view focusing on the important and latest specifications. I think the simplified view answer most designer’s questions but there are still a few that like to see the full history and complex […]

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The World’s First 2 Wireless Routers with USB 3.0, PCI Express Blog Launches Today

  Corrected November 29, 2012 – Thanks to reader Glenn for the info – The world’s first 2 Wireless WiFi Routers supporting USB 3.0 started shipping recently fro Netgear and D-Link. The Netgear Centria (WNDR4700/4720) and the D-Link HD Media Rounter (DIR-857) support the WiFi-AC standard which promises data rates of 450 Megabits per second […]

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The World’s First USB 3.0 BluRay Player and DVR from Panasonic

  Panasonic quietly started shipping the world’s first BluRay Player/Recorder and Digital Video Recorder with USB 3.0 included.     I will be the first to admit, this is a high end machine.  It has a 3 TB hard drive integrated into the design and (apparently) can record lots of channels at once. Reading the […]

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The World’s First USB 3.0 Digital TV shipping now

Panasonic started shipping the world’s first USB 3.0 digital TVs (DTV).  3 DTV models including the one below.   Check out the Japanese webpage on the Viera if you can read Japanese. Reading the Google Translation of the Panasonic Viera my best guess is as follows: 1) The TV has 2 USB 3.0 Ports 2) […]

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590 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Products, DisplayLink Design Wins and a USB Slingshot

The USB Implementers Forum announced it has certified 590 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Products.   These products actually passed certification tests, and each product represents 10s of thousands, 100s of thousands, or millions of units in real, off-the-shelf products shipping.  Two great examples include DisplayLink’s customer ASUS.  ASUS and DisplayLink announced the availability of the ASUS […]

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DisplayLink Success Story–USB 3.0 Device, PHY, and HDMI

You read last weeks blog on HP shipping a USB 3.0 Port Replicator / Docking Station with the DisplayLink chip. See the cool picture below of the HP product.     And you watched all of last week’s videos, and saw how DisplayLink demonstrates working products and describes how their chip adapts to the available […]

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Synopsys USB 3.0 Success Story – Realtek

We have a new Success Story from Realtek with our USB 3.0 digital IP. Using DesignWare USB 3.0 IP, Realtek achieved first-silicon success for their industry’s first certified USB 3.0 card reader.  So read the Success Story here talking about the integration of our USB 3.0 Device into the Realtek design. I think this might […]

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Apple adds USB 3.0 to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air–Every USB 3.0 port comes with Thunderbolt

At Tim Cook’s keynote today, Apple announced USB 3.0 available in the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.  Here’s the screen shot from the Apple website.   The new Apple MacBooks use the fastest, most advanced Ivy Bridge PC chipset which include USB 3.0 I think this means Apple deployed official USB 3.0 support before […]

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USB 3.0 Docking Stations Replace all Others – Starting Now

The Fujitsu, ThinkPad, and Targus USB 3.0 Docking Stations represent the first of future Docking stations.  These units will completely replace the existing docking stations on your desktop within the next 3 years.   USB 3.0 Docking Stations Cost Less Existing laptop docking stations use PCIExpress Bridges. If you have one, that docking station on […]

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