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Will USB Type-C burn my device?

I ran into this article online last week, it discusses how a bad USB Type-C cable fried a Google engineers equipment, including a Chromebook Pixel. It also covers another issue when another bad Type-C cable drew too much power from a laptops port killing them. I highly suggest you read the article, but if you don’t have time then in summary; when a low quality, uncertified USB Type-C cable was used the incorrect resistance value for Type-C configuration causes the device to think it’s connected to a 3amp USB Type-C connection. Drawing 3A from a 500mA or 900mA port is not a good idea; the extra current draw damaged both devices. This issues reared its ugly head when using a USB Type-C to USB Type-A uncertified cable.

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Synopsys at Type C (USB-C) Plugfest and Synopsys USB Type C IP Solutions

Morten Christiansen authored today’s blog on the industry’s first plugfest earlier this month.  At this exciting event, USB Engineers (no marketing people generally) bring their products on carts, and go from hotel room to hotel room interoperating their products with stationary products.  Morten as spent a lot of time writing and contributing to standards at Ericsson for mobile phones.  He’s our Technical Marketing Manager for USB products, a great guy and a fantastic engineer, and a true expert on USB applications.  Hopefully he will write for us more in the future.

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