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USB Type-C to replace the 3.5mm head phone jack & introducing USB-IF certified USB-C chargers

During IDF 2016 there was a lot of buzz around USB Type-C. Two of the hot topics were USB Type-C for audio and the announcement by the USB-IF to offer certification for Type-C chargers. Also, Synopsys demonstrated our USB-IF Certified 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s) host and device solution. Below is a picture of a video shoot from the show, we will publish the videos we shot in a couple of weeks.

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Hot Topic of the week, the Samsung S7 does not have a USB Type-C port

The internet is all a buzz this week with news of the Samsung flagship S7 mobile phone. Yes it’s a beautiful phone packed to the brim with super features but sadly NO USB Type-C! instead the Samsung S7 has a Micro USB, old school to say the least.

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Go to market months faster with Hybrid IP Prototyping (HIP) AND USB 3.1 Shipping from its Creator

Hybrid IP Prototyping and USB 3.1 ahead, but first an opening joke

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Thunderbolt 1 Flash Drive, Thunderbolt 2 with Enterprise SSD

Thunderbolt 1 Flash Drive

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Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and 10G USB – Who wins?

Thunderlbolt 2, USB 3.0 and 10G USB – Who will Win?

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Why we need 10G USB (Double-Speed USB 3.0)? – Revisited

As we enter the next era of USB, the 10 Gbps one, I’m asked constantly, why does USB need to go any faster? Answer:  Users expect Instant On, fast access to everything.  This means you need lower latentces, and faster access to everything inside and outside your device, tablet, phablet, or phone. If you have a notebook PC or ultrathin PC or ultrabook, it will have limited space. You have the option of having an external wireless or wired drive.

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USB and Thunderbolt in 90 seconds

A Blog Reader kindly forwarded this video to me explaining the differences in USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Thunderbolt.

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Apple adds USB 3.0 to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air–Every USB 3.0 port comes with Thunderbolt

At Tim Cook’s keynote today, Apple announced USB 3.0 available in the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.  Here’s the screen shot from the Apple website.

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$800M says Thunderbolt stays Closed

I’m constantly asked: “Will Thunderbolt replace USB 3.0?”

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TI supports Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt Pricing

This means TI developed 6 devices or chips that support Thunderbolt.  In other words, TI chips sit next to the actual Thunderbolt chips. 

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