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Simplest, Smartest and Lowest Cost USB Type-C

We have been seeing a lot of interest in all things USB Type-C from basic USB 2.0 Type-C support all the way to the higher end USB Type-C Alt Mode with DisplayPort. Actually, the latter is getting the most focus as it’s far more complex than traditional standalone USB operation and it’s a highly desirable […]

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See Demos on USB Type-C & USB 3.1 at Intel Developer Forum 2016

For over a decade, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) has been Intel’s premier conference, helping to shape the direction of tomorrow’s technology. IDF brings together people from every part of the technology world to experience visionary keynotes, technology and industry insights, and technical sessions (including lectures, interactive panels, hands-on labs and Q&As). In addition, the […]

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Synopsys USB 3.0 Device and PHY on HAPS61-2

You’ve seen the USB 3.0 Device and PHY and USB 3.0 Host and PHY in plenty of demonstrations on the HAPS51T-2 and HAPSFXT platforms. Including our: 1) Fastest USB 3.0 in the Universe and 2) USB 3.0 interoperability with the USB 3.0 Compliance Gold Tree   Today, here’s the demonstration of our USB 3.0 Device […]

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The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the Universe (maybe)

I posted a blog “Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive?…” back in January.  I got reader e-mail. An kindly reader wrote in: “Look at the Lexar Triton (USB 3.0 Flash Drive)… (It gets USB 3.0 Performance numbers like) 155MB/s read and 150MB/s write … it is “among the fastest”” (Let’s call this reader Mr. Snarkman.) […]

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The World’s First Demonstration of SuperSpeed InterChip (SSIC)

Synopsys worked with the USB-IF SSIC Working Group to develop a SSIC Proof of Concept demonstration.  The USB-IF has been working on SSIC for some time.   This Proof of Concept in FPGA is to test the SSIC specification version 0.90 to see if it actually works in hardware. It worked (mostly).   We learned, […]

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Synopsys USB 3.0 Host Certification Demo with USB Gold Tree

Most people don’t have a clue what goes on with USB 3.0 Certification (or USB 2.0 Certification). So here’s a video of our USB 3.0 xHCI Host interoperating with a whole bunch of USB products.    These products are arranged into a USB Gold Tree as specified by the USB-IF.   USB 3.0 xHCI Host Certification […]

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