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World’s First USB 3.0 SSIC Demonstration with a MIPI M-PHY

World’s First USB 3.0 SSIC Demonstration with a MIPI M-PHY Yes, we actually showed the first one about 2 months ago where we showed compliance, but we thought you should see an actual application operating. As a reminder, SSIC is: Super Speed Interchip For on PCB use of USB 3.0 protocol standards Supports only USB […]

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Industry’s First Demo of USB 3.0 SSIC and MIPI M-PHY Passing USB Compliance Tests

I’m proud to report Synopsys is the first and only company to demonstrate a real USB 3.0 Host and USB 3.0 Device working with a real MIPI M-PHY and not only demonstrating traffic, but demonstrating how we can pass the tests run by the standard USB Compliance Verifier (USBCV) 3.0. Before we begin, remember that SSIC […]

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USB 3.0 SSIC Specification Goes Final–MIPI and USB Standards Committee Approves Standard

The USB-IF and the MIPI Alliance moved the SuperSpeed InterChip (SSIC) to a final 1.0 specification. Since you read this Blog regularly, you know Synopsys: Built a Proof of Concept for the SSIC Working Group Worked with the entire Working Group to fix problems in the specification   The demonstration includes Existing USB 3.0 Host […]

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World’s First SSIC Demo again

Here’s the longer, more detailed version of our USB 3.0 SSIC demonstration.   It’s 7 minutes.  It’s going to be the best 7 minutes of your day.   SuperSpeed Interchip Proof of Concept–Long Version   If you want to watch the shorter version (or more of a description) go back to last week’s blog here for […]

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The World’s First Demonstration of SuperSpeed InterChip (SSIC)

Synopsys worked with the USB-IF SSIC Working Group to develop a SSIC Proof of Concept demonstration.  The USB-IF has been working on SSIC for some time.   This Proof of Concept in FPGA is to test the SSIC specification version 0.90 to see if it actually works in hardware. It worked (mostly).   We learned, […]

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USB 3.0 SSIC Tomorrow, probably

  Tomorrow, I should be posting something of interest to you on SuperSpeed Interchip (SSIC).   If all goes well.   SuperSpeed Interchip (SSIC) brings USB 3.0 from outside the PC to on the PCB to use USB 3.0 between chips.  It allows you to reuse your USB 3.0 software drivers and take advantage of […]

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