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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 1 – Wireless Drives

As your thoughts turn to spring, and the great outdoors (except for in Minnesota where I’m from, where you watched fishing on TV this past weekend), you naturally ask yourself, “What is going on with that whole USB 3.0 thing?” Well, it’s been 1 year since the Ivy Bridge chipset started shipping with USB 3.0 […]

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Sleep and Charge USB from Toshiba

A feature in Toshiba laptops allows you to charge your USB devices from USB ports even when your PC is asleep.  I thought this was pretty cool because with standard PCs, your laptop has to be on to charge your devices, on the Toshiba, your laptop can be off. I assume that you can […]

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5th USB 3.0 Product – Host and Flash Card

I realized I forgot the the best possible USB 3.0 product. 5) Combined USB 3.0 Host and USB 3.0 Flash Express Card. This is the ExpressCard that has both a USB 3.0 Host and a USB 3.0 Flash Drive embedded in it. Basically, the USB 3.0 Flash Drive adds storage, it has 100GB or more […]

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Alternate Viewpoint – Is USB 3.0 Fast Enough?

I’m offering my fellow PMMs some space to write on my blog because: 1) They occasionally have insightful things to say 2) Turns out I’m not as insightful as I thought Mick Posner is the SATA Chauvinist Pig. I have a modicum of respect for his thoughts. (He causes havoc if I don’t listen to […]

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