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iPad, iPod Frustrations and the Digital IP Life

As I visit Amazon EVERY day for a few minutes, I look for books.  Digital Books.  Which means that more of the money I make goes to Digital IP. I’m looking for good books, that NEVER go on sale in the digital world (as far as I can tell).  So I’m paying full price.  Maybe […]

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USB Software Alliance

We launched our USB Software Alliance program last week with our participants, Emsys, Jungo, MCCI, and MicroDigital. Although we provide reference drivers and programming guides for our USB Cores (and other cores too), many of our customer outsource their software drivers to other companies. Projects differ.  A cell phone, digital camera, or a set top […]

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Day 7 without an iPod Touch

The nights are the worst.  I actually have to walk to my PC to check e-mail, news, or weather.  With my iPod Touch, I’d take it out of my pocket, get the weather for 1 of 12 locations in about 6 seconds.  I could check Google News, or check 3 e-mail accounts at once or […]

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